Hybrid Solution

Wind solar hybrid street lighting is an intelligent lighting system composed of solar modules and small wind turbine, deep cycle batteries, controller and street lights.  It uses both wind and solar energy to store it in deep cycle batteries to power street lights during night.
In  certain days when there is sunlight but no wind energy, the batteries would be charged by solar energy. Similarly in certain days when there is wind energy but no sunlight, the wind turbine can power the battery. The LED lamp used would maximize the efficient usage of the energy generated using an energy-saving luminaries which would be switched automatically by a light sensor.
This hybrid solution has wider application areas compared to solar system. By which it offers better reliability and sustainability to areas with less solar radiation level, long rainy season or long winter. In addition, the wind turbine generate more power in the night allowing direct consumption for lighting thus decreasing the battery charging cycles and increasing its life time.
It is intended for permanent installations in remote sites where no mains services are present. This system reduces installation costs, inconvenience, and time. It is maintenance free with no daily running costs